Aspiring Leaders



Aspiring Leaders

For nurses progressing to advanced leadership roles, the partnering program is designed to inspire an experienced nurse to learn and grow with the help of an experienced nurse leader, also known as the experienced mentor, within the organization. The experienced mentor should be available to offer guidance and direction to the new nurse leader, serve as a role model and sounding board. Creating an informal collaborative mentorship program between new nurse leaders and experienced mentors at the national association level requires the commitment of the national association's officers (esp. the president), board members and chapter presidents. The commitment to this mentorship program has been fulfilled by a committee, which has assumed the responsibilities for the formation, activation, and evaluation of this program. Those responsibilities include describing each level of mentorship, matching a new nurse leader with an experienced mentor and monitoring the success of the partnership through confidential feedback.

The name and description of this level of mentorship is Aspiring Leaders.

Aspiring Leaders Description (advanced) - This level of mentorship is to support the growth and development of nurses as they transition into executive leadership roles (e.g., president of organizations, CNO’s, National Board positions, FAANs, specialty or doctoral degrees, etc.). The purpose is to foster the development of a nursing community and enhance the preceptor skills of nurses as they engage in the mentorship process.

Benner’s Stage: Stage 5 The Expert 

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